New Classified ads category

I do not know just what you did or what you were trying to do But for me you get
A FAIL. The classified are totally unusable. I would occasionally check them out
but today Jan25, 2019 they are UNUSABLE. Try them for yourself. Pete

Could you be a bit more specific?

We’ve moved the classified section into the forums. People are creating, and responding to ads. Are you getting an error message, or do you just not like the display format?

Prior to the change I was able to check out the entire classified section. Now I need some sort
of entry key to gain access. I have a wanted ad currently and I no longer see it or have any idea
how or what I need to do to view it or any other ad. Pete

I suspect you’re using a bookmark to look at the old classifieds site. That site is now deactivated (there was no way to migrate the existing ads automatically), so you’ll have to create a new ad at

Why not just transfer the “OLD SYSTEM” over. What are the perceived improvements? Pete

As I mentioned above there is no way to transfer the old system.

The reason for the change is that by placing the ads here in the forum it is a lot easier to get an idea of who the seller is, as you can see their previous posts, check how long they have been a member. Posting pictures is also easier. Last, but not least, I don’t have to vet each ad.