New crankshaft bearings. Are they OK?

Hello all,
I just opened a box of new +10 crankshaft bearings.
Some of them show marks that get me worried. Am I just obsessing over this?
I would love your views.
Here is a video of the big reveal.

Thank you.

That first one didn’t look very good, the later ones look like they are good if they only have a surface mark. The first one looked deformed.

Thank you, so the little “scratches” can just be ignored?

Nothing detrimental about those small blemishes. Use’em!


I am interested to know what led you to such a detailed filming of an unopened package - was it a suspicion you had or is this what you normally do?
Just wondering.

1- My previous purchase contained a dodgy bearing.
2- I am having a go at filming what I do, for the record and hopefully to help others.

Rubbish packaging. You have to be super careful taking the plastic off them. You need to not move the individual bearings around whilst getting the blasted plastic off! Sit flat on the bench, carefully cut the plastic off the top and sides whilst not moving the bearings around.
If you peel the plastic off having cut it with a very sharpe knife( not just an unsheathed Stanley blade) you MIGHT end up with an in marked set of bearings.
This type are often STILL slightly imperfect as the packaging method is terrible! I’ve seen loads of them with two bearings rammed inside each other like in the video! Takes great care to separate them.

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So they can only occasionally package a bearing that doesn’t have a marred surface. It looks like your set has a coating - is that right? Where were they manufactured?

It says Made in Australia