New dial faces for most Jaguars are available + parts catalogues online


(Bernard) #1

Hello everybody,
I recently found out about this website in Germany. These people make new dial faces for most Jaguar automobiles, including modern ones and a whole range of other brands of classic cars. I find their prices fairly reasonable. The site is in German with a not so great English version. If I understand well, you have 2 options. You can buy new faces outright or you can also send your old faces minus the hands that they will refinish for you. If there are some German speaking enthusiasts on this community, maybe they could help understand exactly how the system works.
While I’m at it, some people in the Netherlands went through the probably extremely painful process to publish XK parts catalogues on the internet for the XK120, XK140 and XK150. This definitely beats carrying the printed version in one’s briefcase. Here’s the link :

(Phil.Dobson) #2

that dutch website is brilliant. thank you for sharing

(Bob K.) #3


Recently I decided to modify my speedometer (XK 140 FHC + Overdrive) from MPH to KPH and was looking for a new dial. I also saw this website but please be carefull as not all dials on the website are correct for Jaguar XKs. The recommended dial for my car had a dial that ended at 220 whereas the “real thing” ends with the indication 240. See pics.

I’m not saying that all dials will be wrong, but first make a proper check and comparison with the original one.

Fortunately my local Instrument shop could provide me with the correct dial (probably made in the UK).

Bob K.