New Engine, Smoking Badly-Fixed

My attention has turned to finishing off the grey coupe now the roadster is at the paint shop.

I had installed a new engine, which unusually started straight up and settled into a smooth idle yesterday.

After a couple of minutes I was greeted by literally clouds of smoke, billowing out of the exhaust.
Then I remembered new fuel tanks are coated with a wax inside and I had not removed the protective coating internally.
I drained and refilled the tank, no difference.
The engine oil was clear, the coolant clear and up to the level in the expansion tank.
Crack in the head? Crack in a liner? What could it be?
Then I noticed a small pool of black oil under the car. The torch showed it was coming from an exhaust join on the RHS. Oil from the exhaust!
The I remembered, that exhaust was newly fitted to a track car that blew up its engine. It has been in my store for 2 years.
The exhaust was full of oil.
Thank goodness.
Tomorrow I aim to drop the front ride height by 2 inches.


One more for the “I learned about mechanics from that…” memory file

2 inches is a lot!
Will you modify the whole geometry?

Wait 60 years for it to sag a bit. The top of my wheel arch is level with the top edge of the wheel rim. Car sits level and it’s lower than it should be, but I like it that way.

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Morning Serge.
No, I will just reset the torsion bars.
I must have got it wrong on the first place.
It is so high at the front that my guess one whole click on the rear ear will bring it down where I would like it.
So I will not have to tap the torsion bar forward. Thats the plan.

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Looking at your photos I’d have guessed your car’s front ride height was about correct.

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BTW, I’d get rid of that kink in the breather hose asap. Lack of breathing will cause oil blowby, making it seem like the rings have worn.

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Nuthin’ a good, hard Italian tune-up wont cure…:smirk:

Hi Chris, looks hi from this angle to me!


Both front and rear appear a bit high from that angle of the photo.
Here are some dimensions for a quick point of reference.




Agreed: this was how the suspension got set on Tweety, back when he was still a racecar. Worked just fine on the street and I much preferred the appearance.



Yes, I prefer them when they sit bit low.

So it does. Low is good for looks and track handling, less so for traffic calming devices of the kind I encounter when I take my (slightly low) E for a bimble. Originally my E rode too high. Massive understeer. Wouldn’t recommend it.

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Almost finished my big engine.


James, Off your subject but I’m a member. It’s been over a year since I’ve use the JL site. I’ver created to mesaageI budt cannot determine how to send it. I see no place to ‘sign in’ or a ‘send’ button. How do I do it? Thanks, James. Bert '67 OTS


It’s not intuitive.
1 - Go to a posting by the guy you wanna send a PM to
2 - Click on his Avatar (in James’ case, the circle with his face in it)
3 - In the upper right hand corner will be a blue box with an envelope and “Message”
4 - Click on it and off you go

James @politeperson looks just like John Holman (race team owner). Or maybe that’s James behind in the cowboy hat. :wink:

They do look good hunkered down a bit…or quite a bit.

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Looks nice indeed, but:

  • no rubbing issues (wider rear wheels/tyres, steering)?
  • specific geometry after lowering?

Well Bert, you are welcome to send me a message anytime.
I thought these two looked like an interesting couple
500x_shelby_john_holman-2 (1)

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