New Exhaust System

My original exhaust system is taped up in a few areas. I got an e-mail about a Moss system…
Has anyone tried it and how do you like the sound…I have Ansa resonators and they sound great, so I’m a bit hesitant to change also does anyone know if someone still sell the 304 mild steel. Thanks

For about half that you can get the Bell system. The only complaint I have with the Bell is the vertical part of the down-pipes are about an inch too long, making them more vulnerable to grounding on speed bumps. I plan to remove my down-pipes, and cut and re-weld them to shorten them an inch. Otherwise, they fit, and sound, perfect, and are beautifully made.

Ray L.

I have a Double S stainless system and it used to ground on some speed bumps until I realized my engine mounts had severely sagged. Not a sound since I goty the new mounts!

Double S guarantee for life. About 10 plus years after I bought it, a small rusthole opened up in the muffler. I sent a photo to our local rep and he delivered me a new muffler.

Dennis 69 OTS

Hi Ray I think the problem is not unique to Bell systems. I’ve had to cut down every down pipe I’ve owned recently and had to modify even a set of s/s headers. Typically I’ve taken out 3/4."

I purchased a mild steel system from Heritage thru SNG. I had to fiddle with the angle of the pipes to which the resonators attached but overall it is a nice system and wonderful tone.
Not sure who makes them for Heritage but their equipment, or operators, need some calibration.
Warranty expires the day the are delivered (although Tony was a champ helping with the challenged pipes).