New foam for my rear seats ('72 2+2)

I’ve purchased a seat cover set for the rear seat of my '72 2+2. In contrast to the front seat, the foam for the rear seat is not available in molded form.

Has anyone successfully rebuild their rear seat? What type of foam did you use? How did you form the different pieces to fit the seat covers?

Thanks and best regards, Manfred

I purchased an interior kit for my Ser 1.5 2+2 from BAS UK. You are right, the rear seat foam was not molded. It was constructed from blocks of foam glued together to approximate the shape. I used a die grinder with a 2" 40 grit sanding disc to shape the foam to replicate the old molded part. Not perfect but pretty close. Picture is what I received. Cheers Richard



thanks, that’s exactly the information I was looking (hoping) for. They even offer a two piece foam kit for the S3 2+2 back seat.

Regards, Manfred

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That doesn’t look wonderful answer from bas ….may as well buy from local rubber store and DIY

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Agreed, and probably obtain all that’s needed for a whole lot less money.