New front springs for the Mk10 are too weak

I have tried what SNG have on 2 different cars, woth almost 10 years apart. Both cause too much sway on sharp turns. And dives on heavy breaking. What is more, front right will cause a nadty, metallic noise when going over speed bumps at low speeds.
On a nother car. I have unknown springs which are much stiffer. They were too long in the past, but I have cut off 1/3 coil sections and am now at the right 64cm height.
I also have a new set of springs, where the plastic covering says ”+25%”.
No idea where I bought these many years ago.
I just wish that there was another provider of front and rear springs for these cars.

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Any difference in the wire diameter or the length?*

they have the rear springs too

You would have to phone and check if they have the same supplier as SNG,
as the * means it is an “aftermarket part”

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one interesting thing I found out (after paying for expensive front shocks), is that a very wide range of aftermarket shocks will also fit, including Nissan & Isuzu 4wd, including many others. I have a list

I talked to David Manners, and he was pretty certain that all the vendors had the same source for the springs😱
Is nobody else experiencing the irritating noise from the front springs when driving, at say 35mph, on less than perfectly flat asphalt?

Are you sure it’s not, say, the sway bar? Engine fouling somewhere? Damper mounts? What is the noise exactly - mattress, spring, hammer,…? Are there spacers? Can you use stronger dampers to cure the weakness in the springs?
Is there a different damper spec for AC cars or could one install XJ springs by accident?

You must not cut your springs - they are specially shaped at the ends to sit in their housings and aren’t the same as a cut-off spring. A cut-off spring is dangerous.

Try a spring specialist. They can often find springs of the correct diameter, length and stiffness which aren’t necessarily from the same make or model of vehicle.

Failing that they can recondition and re-temper your springs back to original specification, although this won’t be cheap

Thanks and I get your point but on this particular car the springs are new and not cut.
On another 420G the problem was identical, and this is 12 yrs ago.
On a 3rd car, which has slightly thicker springs, it doesnt happen. 1mm thicker thread. Dont know where they came from originally. That car dives less on cornering and braking.
Conclusion seems to be that the available springs are too soft!?

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Peder, springs are pretty simple things.

You also likely answered your own question…another car had springs but were 1mm larger?

Was the increase in the diameter of the spring wire?

Yes. 18mm vs 17mm in thread diameter.
Both 9 turns. And the thicker obes were 42cm in geight vs 39,5 for what is now available.
But I see in my notebook that these thicker and linger springs were cut 3/4 of a turn.
The trick is to find thicker springs

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Here in the States, we have a variety of spring makers.

My guess is that Manners and others sourced someone who doesn’t screw up and does it inexpensively enough to make them worth selling.

My small town had a spring maker, both coil, leaf and torsion bars, they’re all springs.

Machinery simple. I have had “customs” with progressive coiling along with ones for my motorcycle.

Finding material .040/1mm thicker should not be a problem.