New front springs


I purchased a pair of aftermarket front springs for my MK1 after I installed them the ride height was way too high. I found a original used set and installed them but the same result with the ride height . Any ideas ? David

(peder) #2

What is the difference between the new and old in terms of:
Free length
Diameter of coil
Number of turns

(peder) #3

Forgot to say; I´m going through this exercise with the rear springs for the 420G

(TheoSoares) #4

I anticipated this problem when I got new stock rated springs for my mk2 so I lowered the spring plate 3/8 inch and the ride height in the front is perfect. I also have a 4.2 instead of the stock 3.8, I think the new motor is slightly heavier too, but either way, the lowered spring plate did the trick.

(john schwamm) #5

I am looking at a 1965 MK2,it has new rear springs and sits too high in rear.
What would be fix for proper ride height? Suggestions?

(Jeff Smith) #6

Similar issue with my Mk1, put in new springs, drove it for a couple of weeks hoping the springs would settle, never did. Pull the springs, cut off roughly 1/2 a coil, repeated same procedure, better, but not perfect, removed them again, slight cut this time…3rd time was the charm. I did this work only after making sure the rear springs were correct. JS


Same length but more coils. Coil diameter is the same


I was hoping not to have to pull them out again but I think you have a solution. How much total did you cut off.


I pulled my rears back out and had 1.5 inches taken out of the arch. Any spring shop should be able to re arch the springs.

(Ian) #10

You have to wonder why there is so much trouble with fitting new springs , all are too high , same old story by the people who sale them , oh they are new will take a few hundred miles for them to settle , what a load of crap , in my mind .
When new did all the cars leave the factory with jacked up front ends , to be told give it a few 100 miles the front will come down !

I had the same trouble , changed the engine from 2.4 to 3.4 , so got new springs for 3.4 /3.8

The gap was around 2 hands tyre to wheel arch , I got the same story , they will settle !

Never found out as I replaced them before the car was on the road , with thicker uprated springs .
see picture , Uprated on the left , new in the middle , old on the right , new one has one extra coil and is thicker then the old !

I am happy with the way my car sits , and I drive it like I stole it :sunglasses:

I think I am right in sayings , Coombs used 420G strings with 2 inches cut off

Hat’s off to Jaguar for getting them right the first time ! WP_20150329_002%20-%20Copy

Ps the back springs are original , there was not much left of the rubber in-between the leaf’s , I made knew out of polycarbonate !WP_20150203_002%20-%20Copy

Pps , I remember seeing the film , MK2 Jaguar at the factory , and I think I remember them saying every car was taken for a road test , so new cars would have had a few miles put on the springs !

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    November 19

I was hoping not to have to pull them out again but I think you have a solution. How much total did you cut off.

(john schwamm) #12

Has anyone done the rear coil spring mod?
Is it worth it, good or bad comments? Advice?

(TheoSoares) #13

Here’s mine with the front end lowered on stock springs.

My rears are too high also… It looks worse because of the missing spats. One day will pull them and have a spring shop take out an inch or two as mentioned above.

(Phil.Dobson) #14

Theo what on earth is going on with the rear springs? You need to get that rear end sorted! other than that the car looks lovely.

(TheoSoares) #15

Ya I know! It’s stock leafs and stock springs! (plus poly bushes and HBE sway bar).

I need to get a few inches taken out of them but dread the idea of taking them out again.

(gordon heisch) #16

I got the uprated rear springs installed and left the rear so high it appeared as if I was ready for off-roading. I removed them and refurbished the originals. Much better but still too high. Some fiddling with the spring mounting points, a shim or two latter all is good. For chronic problem one could reverse one of the leafs.
In the front the updated springs left me high as well, make sure the spring bottom is sitting properly in the spring base. If it is, and you need to drop 1”. Then loosen the spring plate and put a 1/2” shim between the plate and Lower A arm. The front will drop 1”.
I would expect some movement in the suspension ride height once it’s driven after the bushing settle in but I wouldn’t count on it as a solution