New Gas leak at carbs/nylon line. Give up on nylon line?

Starting a new thread on the gas leak thing. I don’t know if I solved the leak at the trunk bulkhead and at the fuel filter because NOW it’s leaking at the interface of the nylon line and the fuel rail.

I am wondering if the nylon line supplied by S * G is the right size? The old lines were on the banjos without any hose clamp and did not leak…and was near impossible to remove from the banjo. But this ******* line leaks. I even put hose clamps on it…and it still leaks.

It’s ooozing out of the connection at the fuel rail and I can rotate the line on the fitting. Is the line ID too big? Is it not flexible enough to form a seal at the banjo barb?

Has anyone had success or similar failure with this line.

It really sounds like you have the wrong size line. Typically, the interference fit between the fitting and line is more than sufficient.

it would not take. much to screw up this application. Bet .020 inch would be enough to **** it up

I had to bang mine on with a hammer. If it rotates on the fitting either the fitting is poorly sized or the line is.

original fittings.
Now what do I do? I’m sure ordering another piece of line would be the same?

East Coast Jag offers it on Ebay often. Different supplier might be different material. I’d let SNG know that they got a craptastic batch.

Does anyone have any left over Tigon or equivalent…that they know works? If I buy line from anyone they probably all have the same line which isn’t working.

The stuff Moss sells by the foot worked great for me. Very snug fit, no leaks.

I used Tygon I purchased from Aircraft Spuce. Working just fine…

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A search of the archives reveals that there has been some debate concerning the correct dimensions for this fuel line. Some say 3/8" OD with 1/4" ID, and others 7/16" OD with 5/16" ID. It’s also been suggested that it may be different for different generations of E-Type. Line that I found on the SNGB web site has metric dimensions:

It also specifically says “should not be used for OEM 1/4” ID applications". If this is the line you have, then there’s the reason why is doesn’t work. It’s interesting to note that the SNGB site specifies pre-made hoses for these applications at pre-made prices. Maybe they use a different hose for these kits, or different fittings. The equivalent product on the Moss web site does not give dimensions…


bought this some time ago. Did not notice a disclaimer at that time.

Why even stock this?

I had the same question. It’s noteworthy that the product listing has no “Suitable For” tab, unlike almost every product they sell. Maybe a later model Jaguar uses this larger metric line (11mm OD, 1.5mm wall is very close to 7/16" OD, 5/16" ID) but then you’d expect it to be in a “Suitable For” list. Or, maybe they list it so that folks buy it, find it leaks, and buy the (expensive) made-up lines in desperation…

I find the invoice from April/23 it says part # FS1001. That number doesn’t come up anymore on the web site

Let me try that again: nope still can’t get that # to come up

That’s the same part number I found it under on SNGB. Remember, if you have specified a particular vehicle you are searching for parts for the SNGB site will not show ones that are not in the “Suitable For” list for that car. This “feature” is a nice idea, but they don’t seem to be too rigorous about filling out the Suitable For field, so some items that are applicable to your car just don’t appear. When I go to SNGB these days to search for a part, I tend to remove the specific car option.

Ah…times 20

SNG is my usual “go-to” supplier, but they aren’t the only supplier. Welsh sells it:

The stuff you want is “Nylon 11”, 3/8" ID, IIRC.

EDIT: Make that 1/4" ID. 3/8" OD.

Hey John:

Let’s check that - you mean 3/8" OD x 1/4" ID, right?

Yes, you are correct. Thanks for catching that.

How much do you need I have some from my repair , it’s the proper line you don’t need any clamps to attach it but I’m not sure how long it is

I replaced all my fuel line on my series 2. When I got the car it had different size rubber line some guarter in & some five sixteenth. I got my line from moss & had no issues with leaks. Just heated the line with a heat gun and it pushed on easily. I do have some left over. Contact me if interested.