New Gas leak at carbs/nylon line. Give up on nylon line?

Just as a thought Bill make sure the barbs haven’t been gouged with a box cutter or some such devise ,smooth matting surfaces all around
Wiggles told me the line wouldn’t leak years ago and it doesn’t

You should not use hose clamps on barbed fittings. It’s a surefire way to cause a leak.

In this case, If they are already leaking then the clamps did not cause it. The freaking line is too big for this application

slight diversion, but I assume you do not include transmission oil cooler barbed outlets on hydraulic hose @ 100psi ?

I cant believe how good the original fuel lines are on my '69 420G and will never mess with them unless they go bad, I have seen that and they get brittle

Dick’s first description is exactly what I would do to fit them, they are a very tight expanded press fit.

I could not press original hose over a fitting when cold

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I’m sure there are exceptions (aren’t there always?) but if there is not a flat on the barbed fitting with the width to accept the tension of a hose clamp, a clamp is not used. Clamping on the barbs is a no-no.

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Thanks for the reply

I will do further research on this matter, as what you say make some sense, but it is not uncommon to double clamp hydraulic hose over barbs for additional trans oil coolers and so forth, thought it was specced ok, but I need to do some more research

slightly off topic, but you can learn a new thing each day on J-L :smile:

I definitely would not clamp these nylon fuel lines as I know that means they are an improper fit