New Gas tank and Radiator updated recommendations please?

I am moving toward the assemble portion of my XK-140 SE restoration and will soon need to acquire a new gas tank and radiator. Most of the discussion on this topic is over 10-15 years old. Can anyone give me a current recommendation for these items and tell me whether or not I should be looking for aluminum components or steel? My car is to be a high end “driver” so I don’t care about show car judging - but want long term reliability and performance. Price is a consideration though not most important. (I should add that I live in a cold climate so the car will be garaged for 4-5 months per year.)
Tom A

Tom, I got a Radtec aluminum radiator from Radtec Ltd IN Cannock, England. They make a beautiful product for early and late XK140’s they have increased capacity and fit perfectly with the option of having an electric cooling fan and built in thermo switch. They also make fuel tanks which look and fit as original. PM me if your are interested in something that may work for you.

I appreciate the suggestion. Not sure what issues there may be because I am in the US.
I did purchase my interior seating from Aldridge in the UK (…they did an awesome job.) but the
fuel tank and radiator are much heavier/bulkier and may present a shipping issue. I will check
them out. Thanks.

Tom A

December 2021 I purchased and installed a new XK120 fuel tank kit from Welsh. It is well made and fit perfectly. I can’t vouch for their XK140 offering, but I was pleased with this one.

Just curious, did you go with the steel or did you opt for the aluminum?

Tom A

I went with steel, Tom. The tanks sold by Welsh are galvanized, made to cope with ethanol-containing gasoline. This is the kit I bought

An aluminum tank is also offered at a 50% premium.

That sounds like a good option. I will check that out. Thanks.
Tom A