New Guy from England

I’ve just got a 1961 mk2 so having found this site thought I would make friends here
Best wishes

Hi Robin and welcome, looks like you attempted to load a picture? If so you need to allow the site sufficient time to load before posting.
And congrats on gathering purchase.

Hi Robin , I am in the UK too :+1:

Good Morning Ian,
Yes I had an impulsive moment on Fathers Day and found myself with Two Jaguars. This one and my day one which is a 2005 SType,
So hoping to get to some club events, social etc . I live in Worcestershire
Best wishes

I was so close to having a S-type , my friend had a 2.7 , just spent £400 on new brakes , then one of the Turbos went , first I knew about it , it was too late , he sold it to we buy any car .com
£250 :scream: the fool , still he only paid 16k for it :grin:
Some people a !

That’s worth an ouch!

Yeah I said you mean £2500 , no £250 , ouch :scream: :cry:

Welcome aboard.

We are in Neston – Cheshire/Wirral border. Glad to have your company.

All the best,


Thanks John,
Yes i,m learns how to love a 60 yr old mk2 which is my new hobby.

Hi and welcome.
I live up in York and have had my MK9 for 20 years.
I have restored a MK2 and an S type in the 1970s and 80s, when the scrapyards were full of them.
Try to search out new old stock for parts as some of the replacement stuff can be dubious.

Thanks your reply, yes very early days for me but I trust my mechanic to bed me in to it slowly. Me I will clean the upholstery and keep out of his way.