New head puller success

I finally got around to producing my new head puller.
Two heads off in an hour, hopefully that will continue on the other engines l have to do.


I used the same design with similar results, its a nice simple design.
The only comment I would make is to use high tensile threaded rod to avoid any problems.
I got my plates second hand, how did you make yours up, there was a scale drawing floating around.

I did use high tensile rod and because of the captive nut design was also able to use grade 8 nuts which are easily changed out if the thread ever flogs out.
I did find a few scraps of info online but there was some question regarding the accuracy of the measurements so I started from scratch. I have a laser cutter nearby who did the CAD files and the cutting. I was surprised at the low cost, $130.00 for plates enough for 2 complete pullers. Nuts and rod add about $30.00 more for each.
I do have CAD files available if you ever need another.

Here’s a pic of mine in action, I think it is a lot thinner than yours but still did the job.