New here and just bought a MK VII m

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
my name is Wolfgang and I am new here to the Jag-lovers.
I am driving a XJ8 (308) as my all-time car during the year.
I love old cars and I own a Fiat Dino and Lotus esprit S3 too.

Now I just bought a MK7m from 1955. The car was located during the whole time in Canada and now it was offered by a dealer in the Netherlands. There is a video from silver-arrow-cars on YouTube, maybe the film is 5 years old but the car is still in this condition.
Actually the car is still at the dealer and he will make the car ready to run (new Avon-tires, brakes, electric, lights and so on).

I will get the car in about 4 weeks and hope to stay happy with it.

Yes, I made everything wrong, but not at the first time :slight_smile:
I made a ride with the car and it was fantastic.
There will be some surprises coming to me, I know that, but I love the feeling to see and drive it.

I hope to get in contact to some owners who can give me some help to the first problems.

Best regards


Helllo! I see Santa comes early this year ! :grinning:
I know this feeling of awaiting well, it was 6 months in my case.

Hi Wolfgang , I’m Ken , and I’m in the UK . I have just bought a mk7 from Sweden , it arrives today . I am new to these cars as well , so we have something in common .

Santa I will sit in the car with a big smile in the face or I lay down under it with some tools in my hands :grinning:.

Hi Ken, I did not know yet that the MK7 is actually the selling hit of Jaguar :grinning:.
I wish you many happy and stress less time with your new dream car.

Let us know when yours arrives . Regards Ken

Hi Wolfgang,

We had an XJ8 as our winter car for 11+ years, you will notice they are relatives.

The MKVII-MKIX are the grandfathers of the X308. :slight_smile:

We have a MKV which is more like a great-grandfather. :smiley:



Yes, the 308 is a very good and timeless all-time-driver.
… and after 20 years it is still running and looking good.