New hoses on the injectors

I plan to chqnge the hoses from the 12 injectors. I m looking for a source to get the parts below:

can you check the dimensions ?
I bought some which I couldn’t use on the 6.0L of my coupe, they may be useful for yours

I’ve taken measures on the washer( dont know if it is the right word :thinking:), the hole shows 10mm and the larger diameter at the opposite of te hole is 18.1mm.

I’ll check tonigh and let you know if the ones I’ve got are the ones you need
the exact term is “ferrule”

It is called a hose cup or hose ferrule. The Jaguar part # is EAC7876. It is an item I routinely have in stock. However, shipping cost would be too high to ship to you. There is an outfit in the UK… that sells them…no affiliation. It appears they may be temporarily closed due to an illness…per note on their website.
SD Faircloth

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Hi SD, just an FYI you’re the only place I’ve found that isn’t out of stock on these. SNG Barratt lists them as discontinued! -John

sorry, it took longer than expected, but here are the dimensions :
(I 've got 4 of those, never used)

ID : 10mm

OD : 18,7mm

height : 5.5mm

ID 10mm? Are you sure these are the cups for the injectors? At that size I’d expect them to be the washers for the larger main fuel line connections.

Kirby, The 10 mm measurement is the ID diameter of the hole in the ferrule. It corresponds (sized to fit) over the hose barb of the injector and the fuel rail. SD Faircloth

I bought those as injection hose ferrules, when I wanted to get some replacement for the fuel lines between the 2 half rails of the 6.0L
those don’t fit my interded use, but seem to match the size used for the earlier V12

this is the ebay item I bought

which seems to be available in 4 or 6 packs

I found some at NAPA, I think I have the box I’ll check the number and get back to you.

NAPA number 2-15024 50 to a box quite cheap, $12-$14

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This is what I find in NAPA online according this part number… looks different and price is 0,85$/pcs

Hi John, checked the box and it is the right part number. Cdn website shows $.79 each, and you are right the picture looks odd. checked the part and the internal diameter is correct at 10mm and it fits the hose correctly.
I’m going by memory on the cost, so could be off there.
I am speculating here but I suspect it is intended for the Bosch type of injector.

With such sites, you’re not supposed to concern yourself with the picture. It’s “representative.”

Good point, I can confirm that the part number results in the correct ferrule