New injector problem

I recently got my 95 vdp running again. I put in new coils, new crankshaft synchronizer, new fuel pump. It started up but ran rough. I bought new injectors and installed them and now it won’t start except on starting fluid. Fuel is getting to the fuel rail. I suppose it is the new injectors. The old injectors have a cone shape nozzle and the new ones have a bowtie shape nozzle could that be the problem?

I know injectors can seize even (especially?) when they are freshly cleaned… fuel odor? Fault codes?


Before I changed the injectors I got codes P0122 and P 1314. A respondent suggested I look into throttle body sensor problem. I’m reading up on that now. But why would run rough on the old injectors and not at all on the new ones?

The new ones might not spray, or they could be the wrong part so the computer won’t actuate them, or you forgot to plug something in. That has happened to me like fifty times…
If only the spray pattern was wrong it would at least produce a few coughs. If you do smell fuel from the exhaust it is something else, but it sounds rather dry.

It might have run rough from the injectors, but other parts are always more likely. Also, all sticking - not too likely.
I‘d say read the codes again :slightly_smiling_face:

P0122 is the TPS - change it. P1314 could literally be anything. Bank 2, misfire rate is the description: wiring, coils, injectors, sensors… do you still have the old injectors?

I do have the old injectors. Perhaps I should reinstall them and replace the tbs. Thanks!

I may be too late on this thread. My guess is you were sold the wrong injectors. If you like, send me a private e-mail with the numbers off the side of the injectors…old and new…and I will investigate for you.
SD Faircloth