New Jag Replica forum

Hi all…not to take anything away from here but just to compliment it…A friend in Neatherlands Martin Monaco started a new free forum just for Replica Jags… currently only a few dozen members and were just adding content…it has a good layout and sections for the different replica models and for individual builds…im one of the moderators and its easy to add new sections for your individual build or model as required…you will need to register but its simple…it is a no nonsense forum just about replica Jags…Steve

So in the last few weeks, I have come across the FB replica group (JDC?)
The new forum here at J-L
Now a Netherlands forum…and I think I’ve forgotten one?

Too much of a good thing?

Hi Peter…you have already registered on the one in Netherlands a while ago…its a bit of a slow burn…but the format does give diy builders a place to document their build in one place…Steve

I have tried registering in that forum… but it does not seem to accept my email address as valid.

Hi a few others have registered recently…if you send me your email address in a PM i will contact the Admin and ask if there is a problem. …Steve

Can’t join. Tried and went through the whole process and they did not think I had a 'valid email address. go figure been using it for years.

Hi…please send me a pm with your email address…i will the check with the administrator to see what the problem is…Thanks…Steve…Edit…have contacted the admin…he will investigate…a few others have initially had a problem registering…but eventually got in…Steve