New Jaguar XJ rumored to be on the chopping block


According to this report, things are more dire at Jaguar than have previously been reported.

TL;DR: Jaguar’s sedans are pulling down all of JLR, which is currently only being kept afloat by Land Rover’s SUV sales.

…sad. Hope Jag can figure it out.

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Everyone who has ever been interviewed at Jaguar has always said that the XJ is core to their brand, it would be a shame to pull this now as a huge percentage of the development work has been done and rumours suggest it could well give the Model S a run for its money and match its range…

Not surprising given the sales figures.

I hope they can get things figured out over at Jaguar, but their recent updates to different models don’t give me much hope.

Well from my sources, This is not a shock BUT, The new XJ was a buffer for the governments to back off as it will be an electric car only.
Land Rover is a GOLD MINE, But a gas guzzling , tree killing monster to the green groups.
The latest current XJ is very tired plus the interior and design interior was always an abortion compared to the past. I love my xk sportbrake BUT the materials are not up to the competition, its cheap.
My wife f pace WAS great but the cut roof and blind angle became annoying. We went back to Land Rover, its just a better product.
The car is basically dead. The F TYPE is dead,the sales numbers are terrible. IMHO again because the quality is cheap…real cheap.

Well the word is out, JAGUAR is trying to go ALL electric in 4 years.
I guess its this or go bust?

Well otoh this is the future:

In July 2019 Lotus revealed the Evija, a 1470kW (2000 PS; 1970hp) and 1700 Nm (1254 lb ft) electric supercar.

The 131 will probably the last one with an engine:

On January 2021, Lotus teased that the Elise, Exige, and Evora will be discontinued and be replaced by the Type 131 which had yet to be released at the time of announcement.

Electric isn’t a problem, it’s an advantage.

Exactly! I don’t understand all this doom and gloom over EVs. They’re crazy fun to drive, and they offer a whole new world of opportunities for hot rodding.

My ideal car would be my F-Type with an electric drive train, same power, and range (~350 miles) but no increase in overall weight. That’s probably not possible just yet, but soon it will be.

Single-pedal driving that thing through the twisty bits around here would be epic!

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In Calif,. those who buy electricity from PG&E will find its cheaper to drive on gasoline than what they charge for electricity.
The national average per kwh has gone from 11 cents to 12 cents. PGG&E runs from about 26 cents to sometimes forty-some cents per kwh.

It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.
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You’re making me cry, we pay 25ct or more per kwh and they added 10 cents PER LITRE as an additional tax “for the environment” - money you’d get back if you deduct it from your taxes when you need to drive to work.

I’m sure the cost of fuel increasing everywhere plus other taxations will lead to a quick end of it all.

Maybe a light hybrid would be fun. Many cars already do it, a torque boost for the twisty bits and a lighter engine to compensate the battery is almost always very cool. Even the electric B Class I drove (small, boring minivan?) was a lot of fun.

Not true. I live in California and use an EV for my commute. Even if we didn’t have solar panels on our house, we’d still be saving money over our previous commute car, an Audi Q5 3.0 diesel.