New main wiring loom for S Type bought in error for Mk2 item. Can I use it?

Hello Guys, I am at the rebuilding stage of my '64 Mk2 3.4 and discovered the main and side wiring looms I bought new a few years ago are for the Mk2 s type.
I have no receipts to ask for a return for these items to get the correct ones.
As I am not familiar with the S type can I ask will I be able to use the S Type looms, especially the main look which includes the engine bay. I am striving to have a very tidy and pretty much detailed engine bay upon completion. I do not want to do any changes to the wiring loom I have. If needed I will sell it and buy a correct Mk2 item rather than modify the one I have should that be required. Hoping someone with this knowledge will let me know one way or the other. Thanks Eugene

I do think you can use the S-type wire loom.
Main different is the longer tail, and dual fuel pumps, and fuel senders in the 2 tanks.
So you will end up with not used wires, and some longer wires for the tail lights.
On jag-lovers you can download the wire schematic of the S-type.

Peter Jan

Hi Jan, many thanks to replying to my question.
My big concern is the engine bay where everything is visible. The last thing I would do is cut or alter the loom in this area if it would make it appear obvious modifications were made. The looms I have are main (dash and engine bay) plus up the sides which I do not believe includes the boot area.

As far as I know every thing in the engine bay is located on the same place on both cars.
So that will not be a problem I suppose.
The front side lights are located low next to the indicator lights, these wires will be longer on the S.

Peter Jan

A major difference is the fuse arrangement located behind the center instrument
panel on the S.
Peter B.

Thanks Jan and Peter.
Peter can I ask what are the differences ref to the fuse arrangement. If the ‘S’ had an upgraded (more) fuse layout I would be a fan of that for safety reasons, also out of sight.

I do not know that, best is to compare both schematics.
I do not have the one for the MK2.

Peter Jan

I suspect the engine bay section will be near enough, and modifyable, with differences around the fuse box and regulator area , and indicator/sidelight issues. However the center dash panel and instruments will have significant differences, enough to render that section pretty unusable. On the Stype there are multiple fuses behind the center section. There is also no low fuel warning lamp.

Perhaps a poster will lower their center dash and post a photo, otherwise locate
a S type or 420 breaker to obtain the fuse holders and record the general layout.
The control linkage for the scuttle air intake flap on the MK2 might be a problem.
Peter B

Hi guys, thanks for chipping in with your wisdom. Peter your thoughts are mine re getting a photo of an S type center dash wiring layout.
Looks like I may be selling my new S type wiring looms.

Not a great photo but maybe this will help you. It’s from my 1965 3.8S LHD.

John Quilter
Eugene, Oregon USA

Hello John, thanks for posting the photo. Quality wise it is fine. It will for sure be a help when I compare the arrangement on my car albeit being a RHD Mk2.
I still have not decided to retain and use my S Type loom or buy a new Mk2 one.