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(Paul Wigton) #21

That’s the easy part: after those necessary steps, I’d like to see how the seats were modified to fit.

(Tim Cornish ('67 OTS / OD)) #22

I’d rather not hijack this thread with an OD discussion, but in case there’s another person that’s interested in adding an overdrive to a SWB E-type, I’ll get this project finished up and start a new post. By the way, anyone with a LWB 2+2 that’s considering switching to a 5-speed box rather than (easily) installing an overdrive to their 4-speed is, in my humble opinion, making a unfortunate choice.

(Paul Wigton) #23

Since the OD install, on a SWB EType, will require butchery, whereas a number of 5-speed conversions do not, that might be a tough sell, to many.

(Perry Carter) #24

Welcome to the forum, Bob. I joined this group just last May after buying a '64 FHC that needs complete restoration, although there is no body rot to speak of. My car spent it’s life in northern CA where there is no real winter and no salt! These folks have been generous with sometimes esoteric solutions that you will not find in the shop manuals. By the way, my chassis number is 889975, quite close to yours. But I am in Utah so will not likely pay you a visit soon. Best wishes on your restoration.
P. Carter
'64 FHC

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welcome to the forum.
A group of very knowledgeable and helpful people you won’t find anywhere else.

Ole, Annapolis, 1974 S3 OTS, 4sp + O/D