New Member - '87 sovereign located in Adelaide, S.A

Hi All.

So I’ve had my 1987 Sovereign for about 4 years and I now want to start giving it some attention. I’m hoping to hit up the brains trust (that’s you folks) from time to time and get the Jag to a state that I can use it as one of my daily drivers (I’ve got a few to choose from :smile:)

Welcome Matt, this would have to be the premier site for Jags and I am sure any problems you encounter will have been sorted already some where on here. There is a great search function, top right of the page, just look for the spy glass.
You can attach your country flag to your avatar so that you don’t have to continually add the state/country you are in.

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Hi Robin

Thanks. I’ve added the flag icon :+1:

Yes I’ll be hitting the searches pretty hard… there’s a whole lot of work to do ahead and I’m sure it’s all been done before.

Hey new guy - you forgot to put tires on that car

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Now, now , now, Larry play nice, don’t want to make the ‘new guy (your words)’ think this isn’t a friendly place. Beautiful car, by the way, at least from the top of the wheel wells up! :rofl: Heck, some folks - yourself included - don’t care for my sense of style:

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Just a bit of Brit humour Mike - Aussies must to be used to that by now!

your car …well at least you don’t have those dumbass quads on it, so I’ll give ya a pass. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi Larry. Yes definitely needs more tyre but I was just seeing if the rims would fit first (at 19x9 and 19x10). I bought them from a guy who obviously enjoyed the bumpy ride.

By quads are you meaning the headlights? I have the quad headlights and love the look of them.

The “dumbass quad” comment only applies to North American models that have been swapped out, not OEM quad setups.

N.A. rectangular twin-reflector Hella brand headlights are a unique design not fitted to cars anywhere else in the world.
Elsewhere, “styled” rectangulars are the less wide Valeo brand single reflector type.