Hi there! I´ve recently bougth a carb 1978 4.2 jaguar xj6 series 2. I´m in love with it, but it have several problems… electrical problems…
I hope to resolve them with your help.
Thanks a lot guys

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Welcome Pedro, first off we need to know the specific problems you are having, but there is a self help in the form of the magnifying glass at the top right of the page.
Type in your problem and you should get multiple responses.
That’s something you can do while waiting for other forum members to come up with suggestions, which they will.

I second Robin , Pedro; welcome on board - and outline your symptoms…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Nice to meet you, Robin.
My car is a transitional model form series 2 to series 3 and i can´t find images of my exactly ignition system (OPUS, CE?)So, if you agree, i´ll open a new tag about my problem.
Thanks a lot.

Nice to meet you, Frank. I´ll open a new tag with symptoms and images.

Welcome to our corner of the Jaguar world!
I also have a 78 S2 but mine is a fuel injected US market car.


Better than mine!
Thanks David