New member from the Netherlands with XJ40

Hi ! This is my fourth Jaguar. I got today my Jaguar XJ40 from 1992. My wife drive a Jaguar XKR from 2006. I bought the XJ40 from an auction for a low price but still some risc :wink: I am looking for an explanation of de warning lights. The manual that came with the car seems not acurate for this model :frowning: I am going to look for some information about how to perform a basic maintenace job on the car. What do I need, how to perform and find out some of the hickups I already found on the car (not al 6 cyls running but no white smoke) eg. So please tips … And I am gonna read some stuff :wink: Regards Bert from the Netherlands

Hi Bert, welcome to the forum, your latest buy looks good from the pictures. I think white is the rarest colour here in the UK, you certainly don’t see many white ones at Jaguar meetings.
If you plan to do the basic maintenance yourself you should buy the Haynes workshop manual. It will cover everything you need to know to bring the service schedule up to date.
Once you have done that, if the car is still not running on all 6 cylinders report back on here what you have found and plenty of members will be pleased to help you sort it out.


Welcome to the forum Bert. Do you have a specific warning light that you want to have explained or is it the lights in general?

I have a suggestion for your warning lights question. Turn the ignition on and take a picture when the binnacle lights up. Post that and ask any questions you have. I once confused the low coolant light with the low washer fluid light and couldn’t figure out why the coolant was up and the light persisted.

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Beautiful car. Welcome aboard.

welcome Bert. looks in great shape. Which model is it - and how many miles? I bought a 1988 3.6 VDP 6 months ago and enjoying it a lot.