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I just got a 1989 XJS v12. This car has not been on the road since 2015. I have gone through all fluids and replaced. My problem is that I can not get it to start. Please know I will need step by steps. Never had one of these before.
I have new fuel pump and filter. Cleaned out tank and new fuel. Fuel getting to rail. Injectors click when throttle is opened. I have been reading the forum.
I disconnected the injectors and find power on both sides with key on. When cranking does not change. Power on both sides of connector. I removed the module on right side. Cigarette pack… Checked all connections and cleaned. Still same thing. I removed the ecu in the trunk and looked at the connectors. They are clean. Went ahead and found connector to front crank sensor, cleaned that and checked resistance. Seems good. Variation when cranking. So… I think that crank sensor is good. I have sprayed ether and it burped/ran for a few seconds. This tells me spark is good.

Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction? Again… Like a two year old please.

I will be looking for the shielded wire next.

PLEASE HELP! This car is beautiful, but useless if it cant run…

Thank you in advance!

Have you attempted to crank it with the throttle slightly open?

The fact that it burped indicates to me that the car is not getting fuel from the injectors after sitting they may have become clogged. You might want to remove them and see if you can get any liquid through them.

It ran off the ether, but when I checked injectors for power and pulse… Power on both sides ( not sure if that should be). But no pulse when cranking.

Although not the compression of a diesel, the V12 can fire ether with the distributor disconnected. If the injectors are working and you have no spark then after multiple cranking you will have wet cylinders which will up your compression…. Ether can fire and fuel follows for a brief splutter.
I would not consider the spark is proven… .? Dissy or coil? And that coax from the amplifier to the ECU is a common culprit.

The injectors have +12v all the time and the ECU grounds them when they need to open.
You should check if you have pulse on the ground side.

Also check if your fuel pump does run when cranking.
For troubleshooting purposes you can make it run permanently from the fuel pump relay in the engine bay.

Yes do.
Guess it’s a Digital P? Maybe also change the GM module inside the Ignition Amp.

Good luck and welcome to the forum.

Thank you for the welcome!
I greatly appreciate everyone’s info and support! I WILL bring this car back to life!

Where would the amplifier be on this car? It’s an 89.

If it’s a Lucas Digital P it would be the black box mounted on top of the B bank (left side) inlet manifold.

You shouldn’t start the engine immediately after 5 years of coma. You may trash the cam chain or scratch some conpression out of cylinders.
Have a look over here:

You will also mandatory need to hot-wire the fuel pump and let it run for few minutes with engine off - to flush the fuel rail - priming won’t pressurise the system over the 3 bar usually…

Speaking of JumpStart spray - keep on trying, you will need at least two big cans and additional two staff members to complete this. Let it run while keep on spraying. It will crack on after while - assuming you’ve done what’s in the link above…

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I dug in and found the ignition module behind passenger kick panel with heavily corroded connector. I cleaned the connector and got a used one.
I am still unclear about something.
Key on, injector connector off… Using a test light I have power on both terminals. Is that right?