New member/XJS owner needs help with basics

Hello from new member. Just bought a 1994 xjs V 12 convertible. Looking for advice on service manual (s) to purchase.
Service history is unknown. Car has 106K. Known issues are rear end leak, AC, cruise, and power antenna inoperative.


Welcome to the forum Bret. Have a look at this page,
All manuals are free to download and may help to get you started. :grinning:


Also some workshop manuals here,


Also here is Kirby’s handbook. its super helpful with common problems and stuff.


Wow. Thanks a bunch. I have wanted one of these for years after being involved in MG’s. You can get a lot of money in an MG and while they are relatively simple they are toys compared to a Jag. Was wary of repair information until someone told me of this site.

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Great info. Like a first aid kit and FAQ. Thank you.


No worries. I try to be as helpful as I can to new guys, I spent almost a year trying to figure out problems for myself before I found this forum and the info listed above. Since then I have been able to get my XJ6 running like new, apart from a few small issues. But without these guys I probably would have given up a while ago.


As much as i despise these people, and it pains me so to provide their information to you; Their product is best I’ve found, other than the full set of bound XJ-S service manuals that I picked up at a all British jumble. (which is more or less the contents of the CD)

Why do I despise them so; let me share.

I purchased 3 CD 1 for XJ Saloon, 1 for the XJ-S and 1 for the XJR X308 series. The documents are encrypted PDF documents that require a special browser to view the documents. Being excited about the product I installed the viewer on my work computer.

Why I despise them

  1. I uninstalled the software from my work computer to install at home. When I went to register the viewer product (again). the licensing website stated the software was already licensed to a computer. I’m thinking OK, no worries, I purchased two other CD’s and I’ll just use one of the other viewer licenses. NOPE! got the same message. I emailed technical support, they got back to me in about a weeks time and said, sorry if you want to install the software again, you’ll have to purchase another license. I explained I had purchased the three products above, and I asked why I couldn’t use one of those licenses. they couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer. They’re response was to purchase more licenses. I then threw out, what if my computer crashed, do I still need another license, Yep another license. Maybe they meant Just ME will need another license. I kinda pissed them off to the point that support would respond to my emails anymore.
    If you dont want to deal with then these CD’s can be purchased from too.

look at

The content for the XJ’s is very good.
You can also purchase a hard bound Green abridged service manual on amazon. This isn’t my favorite “Official Jaguar Publication” Like I mentioned above the real official Jaguar service Manual is 6 volumes.

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Thank for the heads up. I am familiar with computers but not overly tech savvy . I like to consult books while in the midst of repairs but a digital info source with a search feature is great.

I’m familiar with computers too. I’m the owner and operator of an IT company. haha.
Just make sure where you install the software that’s where you’re gonna want it forever; and have a good system backup or be prepared to drop just a little bit south of 100 bucks.

They pissed me off so bad, I started writing a viewer of my own to view their documents.

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Grrrr. Mark, I understand your pain. The digital copy of the manuals and parts microfiche I have on CD are Jaguar part numbers - JHM1127, JHM1176, and JHM1152. I couldn’t do much (serious) work on my car without them. But these don’t seem to be available anymore from the usual suspects, or from the Jaguar Classic/Heritage site where I first got them. I guess that the rights have been sold off to OTPubs, and they are free to derive a new product from the original publications and then aggressively copyright everything within it. It sucks. Same shit happening for many youTube folks - impossible to post anything that includes some tiny thing that might be a copyright breach.

It was a real PITA but over a period of days I printed out the ROM volumes and made a large 3 ring binder of it. Keep it in the boot in case out and about and break down somewhere.


Welcome to JLers, and congrats on getting one of the few 6.0s still out there … :+1:

Mark, I was just looking over what’s on the CD and one thing listed is apparently ALL Driver’s Handbooks for every year of XJS. :open_mouth: Do you know for a fact that it actually has one for the '92 MY (first face-lift year) on there? If so, I’ll get it, as $86 is CHEAP compared to the $500+ I have been seeing for a hard copy of that MY’s manuals online, and VERY few of them, at that. :grimacing:

I won’t say I’m 100% positive you’ll find what you’re looking for.

But I will say this, I’ve yet to NOT find what i was looking for. It takes a butt load of digging at times because there is so much information to sift through and the PDF documents aren’t searchable because the documents are scanned images.

I have the 6 volume set and the 94 comes in under a supplement of the original 4 volume manual.

You have no idea how much it pains me to help these bastards make a sale.



Here’s a screen shot of the parts catalog. this is pretty much the same thing you’ll find on the heritage site.

Here’s the table of contents for the electrical guide. I see the 94 listed 6.0 V12 - Damn You’re lucky!! I’ve been looking for years for a coupe

Looks pretty comprehensive. btw, I THINK our friends at CoventryWest also sell that line of cds. I can’t imagine them being anything but helpful and professional in regard to their sales of that item. IIRC, their price is about the same as here. If I get one, I will probably go through them. :smile:

Good to know. I know that and also sell the CD’s but I’m pretty sure shit rolls down hill onto I think they may have bought the rights from heritage. because I can’t find the CD’s on their website anymore.