New MWS Wheels (tubeless?)

I got new wheels today. Even though I have a little while to go before it’s back on the road, I wanted to be ready. :slight_smile:

So I have a question. The wheels say they are suitable for tubeless tires, and in fact have the spoke holes sealed and already have the valve stems in place. I figured I would use tubes, and have already purchased tubes to go with the new Vredesteins. Now I’m thinking I should go tubeless. Is there anyone running tubeless tires on newish MWS wheels? Any issues with it?

I’ve been running without tubes on my new MWS wheels for two years on my Healey. Not a bit of trouble. Probably over 3000 miles so far.

I put firestone radials on my new MWS 15x6’s. One had a slow leak on install, figured out it was the air stem. Took two turns to tighten it up. Been about a year and have not had to refill them since.

Thanks, gents. In looking more closely at how they are set up, I don’t think I would want to run them with tubes.

3 sets, total of 10 plus years between them no tubes.

8,258 miles on my Vreds/WWS wheels without tubes. No issues.

Congrats on the new wheels, very nice. I believe my car has Dayton wheels and I had a leak in one of them, so we have a tube on one tire.

At some point I will address this, but it’s prettyblow on the list. Point is, worst case, you throw a tube on as needed.


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Thanks again to all for the input.

One more, not MWS but Daytons. I had 15X6 tubeless wires on the 2+2 for maybe 10 years. 12,000 miles without any leaks and I’ve had 15X6 tubeless wires on the FHC for about 3 years and 5,000 miles. Never a leak on any of them.


Also try a little silicon over the wire ends on the hub. Doesn’t impact the air, but keeps the spline grease from seeping out onto the wires.


Almost 20 years on tubeless Daytons, over 50k Miles.

When I bought the car it had original wheels with tubes… I think I got more flats in these few months than since

Thanks, Michael! (20 char)

One of the best things I did a while back to reduce the maintenance on the wire wheels! I highly recommend it.

Mark another successful use tubeless. Vreds on Daytons, about one year.


To add: Daytons, 9 years, two sets of tires, ~20k miles, never a problem.