New oil and Temp Gauge available

Hi Please see link for Coventry auto components offering new manufactured oil and temp gauge for XK 120 which has the same part number for Jag MK IV


This has got me thinking about which parts are interchangeable between the MK IV and the XK 120 has anybody compiled a list ?
Obviously it will not be engine parts but any recommendations would be a appreciated rather than hunting down part numbers and comparing
I need side light bulb holder, chrome bezel for side lights etc

The side light for XK120 is not the same as for Mark IV or V.
XK120 had two types, for with or without turn signals.
This is the later type with turn signal.

Here are early and later types.

But as I haven’t heard of anybody reproducing the Mark IV and V types, this later XK120 type may be your only choice.

Thanks Rob
Back to the part numbers Then for cross reference!

I did have a guy in the UK who could tell me all the part numbers and interchangeability for all Lucas lighting when I had a Rover and a Austin seven but his name escapes me, however I do have the Lucas electrical parts catalogue where I might be able to track down ones that are fitted to other cars
Or maybe someone on here can tell me where to get one ?

Seems the part number for the MK IV side lights is Lucas type 1185 , I cannot find a cross reference in the Lucas electrical parts catalogue for them though, anybody got any leads ?


Very helpful - thanks Mike