New old guy Just joined the group

Ive just joined as Im selling my X300 as Ive just got a 1978 Damiler S2 VDP Double six…


Looks very nice! Congratulations. I like Regency red.

Very classy. Be interested in how it compares with the X300. I bet the fuel consumption makes your eyes water! I had an S1 V12 for 29 years, so a big fan of the V12 and a VdP is the ultimate.

Welcome, that’s what I call an upgrade. Paul.

I wasn’t planning on selling the x300 as I’m not in the best of health but two issues came up one it Hurts getting in and out due to my hips …secondly being a mature man I looked for found and said I’ll take that before thinking about where it was going on the drive. .so having limited space for more cars ,the x300 must make room…I haven’t improved my hips same issue as before …but more bearable…

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Neat DD car!!! Much to be enjoyed. More pictures. we all delight in them.

And welcome aboard. Lots to share here, including fun!!

I am about to take my Glucosomine tablet. Helps my aching joints a lot…



only allowed one photo and no videos …never mind there are always other media site outlets to consider …


Lovely car Mathew !!!
and welcome to our company.

You will soon get more access don’t worry.
On the meantime you can always post a link.

Keep us posted.
Best regards

Definitely a fine choice…

Post a link is that like say a album on my Facebook page.for an example…

Beautiful car, Anthony! Best of them and a joy to drive, once set up! I’d be more than happy to see pics of the VDP bits and pieces! Surprised to see you have side repeaters of the front indicators on the wings - thought that was a SIII giveaway.

Good luck and stay safe


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

I love the fluted Daimler bits so I tarted my Series 1 with them. I wish I could fit those side chrome strips but Jaguar used them only on LWB Daimlers.

I’m giving the info on the vin tag it shows Damiler VDP Double six if in fact it’s not and it’s a (normal) Jag I’m still happy historic means no road tax so it’s all good however if there are items that should not be fitted I’d like to know before body work is started…cloths seats as well door cards to match not my choice but then I didn’t pay silly money when it was ordered…way back when…

In the good, very old, days, Anthony; luxury was cloth seats - working vehicles had leather…:slight_smile:

But a Daimler with cloth seats is at least unusual - and special order?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

So they stay cloth cool

Each of my cars have “leather” seats. cold in winter, hot in summer. I miss the velour of my 88 Tbird…


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I’m afraid I am a traditionalist. I only hope the original leather was unserviceable!

That interior looks magnificent! Never seen one like it. Especially the door panels and associated bits (handle, cubby) covered with fabric and not leather/vinyl.