New owner of '97 X300

Hi All,

22 years ago I was a member of the Jag-lovers email list when I thought I would have time to bring a '72 XJ6 back to life.

Fast-forward a bit, I’ve finally purchased a Jag for a daily ('97 X300) and rediscovered this forum, and I was able to even reactivate my old account :slight_smile:



Welcome back!

Consider adding the car’s detail to your profile signature.

Welcome back, Ted, if we had a prize for longest absence, you’d be in with a real chance! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I was super impressed that the old account was even able to be used. Further, in order to get in I had to log into an email address that went unused for an equal time. Somehow I guessed the password correctly, which is amazing considering I can’t remember the passwords I set last week.

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we’re so glad you’re back