New pictures - More complaints

I‘ll be happy to improve the situation. The X300 looks good and also, someone put a lot of effort into the X Type below…


I think they show most features well and they look good. A side view would be cleaner but shows less features, and the pictures should help new members to find their car.

Although the leapers often jump from right to left it should be best if all cars are pictured from the same angle and facing the same way as above.
All cars should have a transparent background for the dark mode function. (I‘ll figure that out).
A fake shadow makes it look best in light mode and if possible, will have to work in dark mode.
I propose running a little contest. If not, press photos. All must be copyright free of course. Suggest the cars have to be as sold or raced in period.

All cars should be neat and tidy including reflections as far as possible and look the same (steering angle etc. too).

Any further suggestions to these general rules?

Actually, don’t put any work into it (yet). I see where you’re going, you want to keep the “old” style, even if not the exact same pictures.

That’s not going to happen. It’s been 8 years, time to change things up a little.

I want colors, movement, and more-or-less period correct people and backgrounds. Yes, backgrounds.

That said, the XJ picture could be better. It’s been the most difficult one yet, but I’ll give it another try once I’m done.

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Do what you like then, I can’t help you. People? Fake castles? Whatever you have up now shows a massive lack of dedication. Don’t use this AI garbage and if you must change, improve, actually put some effort in it, thank you.

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Though I didnt think of it in the same terms, now that you mentioned it, the addition of the backgrounds and more color and more vibrancy is going to be a very welcome addition.

I have to say, David, that for a guest here, the way you speak to the very gracious hosts is kind of shameful.


Hi Gunnar, thanks for steps to refresh site appearance. I hope you enjoy designing and selecting the changes. As the died-in-the-wool cohort dies out, vibrancy to the eye may help bring in new members and also new energy to long-time contributors. A tremendous value has been given over the decades from this forum and its members. The changes with technology and appearance make little bumps in the road for some and improve overall. And, for the ones who don’t like trying occasional changes, I suggest taking a step to produce their own privately-run web forum would give valuable experience to aid their insight. Maybe that would produce a superior website via competition. I will stay with the proven valuable website and appreciate the maintenance and improvements. Cheers.


I am enjoying the new look and thinking about how it looks less and less like an old school forum. Always disliked the look of the text heavy forums that are so hard on my eyes. I will take this as motivation to include better pictures with my posts.


More feedback, FWIW - Not a fan of the new color scheme, especially all the green highlights, and fades. Seems distracting, and a bit in-your-face. Not a big deal, but I prefer the way it was before the recent changes.

Remember that some people didn’t like the changes from XK150 to E-type, or Mk. 2 to XJ! Not to speak of the XJS… :slightly_smiling_face:


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I have no complaints about the changes; time to refresh things. Keep up the good work Gunnar.

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Only wet babies like change…:face_with_hand_over_mouth: