New Pirelli Cinturato P5 vs. new Dunlop Sport Classic

On Saturday evening a piece of metal destroyed my left tires when we returned from a nice restaurant with friends. We stranded in the middle of strongest holiday Highway traffic at 11:00 p.m.

Anyway, we survived the adventure, so now I have the pleasure to look for a new set of tires. Best buy seems to be the new Dunlop Sport Classic (according to a test in a german classic car magazine), the alternative is the new classic Pirelli P5 which seems to be a relaunch of the tire specifically developed for the Jaguar XJ in 1980.

Has someone already practical driving experience with these tires?

Thanks in advance !

I don’t know those exact tyres but when I first got into Jags my 95 XJ6 tyres needed replacing and I heard about the special Pirellis Jaguar helped develop to match the suspension characteristics.

The catch was that the specials looked identical to normal Pirellis except for a letter (e?) moulded into the sidewall near the P6000 name or whatever it waa. The difference was in the construction with a different number of plies IIRC. The point is that even if ot looks the same as the period Jag developed version, ask for confirmation.strong text