New Power Antenna recommendations

(Don Kleppinger) #1

Does anyone have a brand recommendation for the power antenna replacement on my xjs. Reviews are mixed on some of the ones I’ve looked at. I don’t want one that will die in a year. For those that have replaced it in the past, is it still working?

(Paul M. Novak) #2

What year is your XJ-S/XJS? I believe that Jaguar used different antennas over the years and what they used on the earlier cars may not work on the facelift cars. Knowing your model year might help others sort out if their solution may help you.

My wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible still has it’s original Hirshmann antenna although I replaced the embedded electronics board due to corrosion and the mast due to a bend.


(BobPhx) #3

Just a thought, if the failure is that it is making noise but not extending/retracting, consider opening it up to investigate. Mine had broken a little plastic finger off of a nylon wheel inside, replaced with a short bolt iirc, all good now.

(Don Kleppinger) #4

Its a 84. I would think any generic antenna would work. As long as it fits