New product

Hello fellow lumps.

This is not an advertisement-- this is info. for lump owners.

I found a really “cool” product in the back of Chevy High Performance
mag. the other day. I had them send me info. on it, and I am passing it
on to you.

It is a Ram Air Induction air cleaner assembly that uses 14" x 3"
filters. It comes in a configuration that has a dropped base and thus,
needs only 2" of clearance between the carb. and the hood (brace). It
sports (2) round 4" air intakes at 110 degree off-sets (thus to clear
top mounted A/C). Cost without ductwork is around $150.

If it is possible, you could run the ducts up to the grill area and get
forced air induction of fresh cool air-- a real performance plus. I
have looked quickly at my car (in the paint shop), and I think I may try
running the ductwork out the inner fenders to the outer headlight

If anyone is interested in this contraption… e-mail me. or e-mail the
company (Air Inlet Systems) at

Ask for info. on the “Ram Air Box”

Mark Chiampi

'85 Jaguar XJ-6 V8 Sovereign
'85 Mercedes 300D Turbo
'83 Mercedes 240D
'65 Austin Healy Sprite