New purchase advice

(G-mac) #1

Can anyone give me advice on this car? Full service history but no mention of the cam belts being changed. At 120000 miles Should i avoid ? Anything i should look out for would be greatly appreciated.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #2

AFAIK they have chains so unless the tensioners fail they are there for life!

(Jeff) #3

Hello. I recently purchased a 2007 XS 2.7 diesel and the cam belt needed changing - for info it is a belt and cost me about £400 fitted at an independent Jaguar garage. My interior is the same as this one, it does look really smart and I really like it. Personally I’d have a look at autotrader/gumtree/eBay to see what else is about to get an idea if this is exactly what you want.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #4

(Jeff) #5

Hi. The 2.7 diesel is definitely a belt but others, such as the 4.2 petrol, have chains.

I was shown the parts that were replaced when my car was in the garage and it was a belt.

(Neil Bennett. Patron) #6

Hi Jeff,
Coming from X300 /X308 land I have no experience of diesels, but I see you are correct. I would work off the Jaguar reccomended 105K miles or 10 years.

(Jeff) #7

Hi Neil,
There’s debate across many forums around this issue and I was only 100% convinced when I actually saw the item with my own eyes. My car only has 60k on it but as it’s twelve years old it was the first job I had done.