New radiator searching

guys … I’m desperate for a radiator for my cat … 1987 Daimler 3.6 … where can I find it?

Not much help but I have one from a post 1990 one sitting in my spares……… In NZ

if it is good for my year I would very gladly buy it … let me know, it will be sent to Italy post code 07041 …

Sorry max the freight would be very high I’m afraid.

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Max, you might call Terrys Jaguar Parts (in the USA):

No affiliation etc. etc.

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Max get your existing one re-cored and upgraded then at least you know it will fit…

Is it possible to recore modern radiators with aluminum cores and plastic tanks? Was common practice with older copper ones but not sure about new aluminum ones. And radiator shops are getting pretty thin on the ground these days, at least in my area.

Hi John, I don’t know about aluminium rads… I had my original copper one upgraded and re-cored.