New Realm c-type replica build

Hi everyone. I,ve had this Realm Engineering chassis kit sitting in my garage doing nothing since Covid and have decided it’s time to get on with it.
Hopefully some of you might be interested and want to share the journey with me !!



First pictures


Let’s do this! Welcome to the group and the joy and the pain…

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First job done. Cut out the floor panels. I’ve done these in 2mm aluminium to give a little bit of protection against kerbs and manhole covers etc.


Hi John…are you the same John Sims as on the C type wats app group. …Steve…ps is this a new chassis from Adrian…i see its not powder coated?

Hi Steve. Yes I am.
I bought this one unpainted because I wanted to add a few brackets and other bits.
I am going to dummy build it for IVA then strip it and paint it all afterwards.
I know it’s double the work but it means I can alter anything along the way without worrying about the paint.


Last job today, drilled the mounting holes for the body.
Have done more today than the last 2 years!!!


Hi Steve, what is the what’s app group? I’ve heard of this before about a C-type group.

I’m doing something similar with an Austin-Healey project. I think it is an excellent idea.

Hi Mark…its a group for self builders of Realm C types… set up to help with all the aspects of the build and the requirements to get the build IVA tested and registered for use in the UK… Steve

Ok thanks Steve. That might be helpful to keep my Realm on the road.

Hi Mark…its really just a group to get you from start with bare chassis and a body and getting you to completion…you have an up and running car…any maintenence/mod issues can be delt with here or if you ask on the JDC historic fb page… Steve

Hi Steve, mine is an early car, 1986 I think. One thing I’d like to change is the bonnet latches. Mine has Dzus fasteners instead of handles. At the moment I’m in the middle of removing the Weber carbs. They don’t run as well as I’d like and I know nothing about them so I’m changing them for SUs. I’ll sell off the Weber stuff for Proteus parts I need.

Hey Mark,
I’m looking for bonnet latches myself. One of mine has had all the chrome fall off. Let me know if you find a source for them. Send me photos of the Webers if they are not already sold.



Hay, John sims, do you have the engine already?
I made some spare engine for my e type project, that’s never finish.
Good work, go for it.

Hey Mark,
I’m new to Whatsapp. How do you join the group?



Hi Paul…its an invite only group…for Realm builders starting from just haveing a body/chassis and doner car as i mention in a post above…Steve

Thanks for the clarification. Great idea.