New record price for an E-Type hardtop on BAT

31.500 USD

For another $7k you can get Tim’s entire car with its own original hardtop.

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Yeah, but you know what Don McLean said about that…


Damn, I really should have painted mine black so I could sell it :frowning:


Red goes faster.


I can see why it went for 31 grand: it has the rear chrome strip.

Dang, that’s more than 3 times what I bought my '66 with a factory hard top!!, guess I need increase my insurance another $20 K LOL

I’ve been wondering when the Hagerty Valuation Tool™ will catch up and apply a premium estimate for hardtops. As it is, they indicate a 10% premium for factory a/c and a 10% deduction for an autobox:

When I first acquired my OTS in 1982 I tried for the better part of a year to sell the hardtop - I had a very small garage and storing it was a hassle - for the equivalent of US$650. No takers. Still have it. Still a storage hassle, but appreciated when it’s back on the car in late fall.

I have a removable hard top for the S2000. It is stored in a spare room. It could be stored in the garage, if that garage wasn’t already full of E-Type. Come October this hard top will be reinstalled on the car, the stand and cover will be folded up and the spare room will be able to take visitors.

Sounds like an idea … going to charge admission? :sunglasses:

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I feel sickened, for a lot of reasons! I have no words

Glad I got my original one when I did…

I used a couple of bicycle lifts and hung mine from the ceiling of the garage… worked great

Erica’s has the rear chrome strips as well, but, alas, she didn’t listen to The Rolling Stones.

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This is amazing. This top is from a S1 which is fine but It doesn’t have the original vinyl liner!

I assume it is very probably a restorer who wants the top at virtually any cost to complete a car where he can bury the cost in the total project price

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