New record temps gauge near top of N

Wow , I haven’t seen this in a while, took the car for a good run. I believe we’re stuck in a heat wave, 12 records in Alberta broken yesterday.
Apologies for the fuzzy photo, my hands must have been shaky. I have never felt my hood/bonnet so hot when i flung it open when I got home. I always worry about heat soak and dropped valve seats post shutdown. May have to adopt Marek’s five minute shutdown 30 second run program.
Looking at photo near top of N, oil pressure seems to drop and RPM seems to be lower.
Supposed to be hotter today, need to get that new Spal fan in, not sure how members in Texas deal with extreme temps.
No point to this post except for sharing a few observations.
Everyone have a good day and a fantastic summer.

Looks totally normal to me, mine is doing the exact same thing down here in Seattle with similar temps. As long as you don’t get above the N, which the electric fan prevents at idle.

Even running top of N at idle in this heat, if i drive a good five minutes downhill or level ground, i get back down to mid- lower N.

Thanks Greg, I think I’m fine but I went into the archives a read Marek’s post shutdown suggestions. Where I believe that’s where a lot of dropped valve seats occur.
He suggests wait five mins. Then run 30 seconds no more? To get cooling from radiator.

Hi Gary . . .
Marcos owners have a saying: “if your engine is overheating, you’re not driving fast enough”.
I see the same thing with my XJ-S. If I go out for a drive on a noticeably warm day (85 F), the temperature gauge is fine out on the highway at 70-80 mph - top of the N, or maybe a hair above if the AC is on. But then return home on city streets at around 30 mph or so, the temperature goes up to about 1.5 needle widths above the N, where the electric fan kicks in and holds it there.

I park in the garage and open the bonnet. Turn on a fan to blow air in under the car. Have a window unit in garage that keeps a decently cool environment…
I like Marek’s suggestion and have done it a time two.
Heat index here wasc107 yesterdayp

So my car usually runs 190F-195F (i have 190f thermostats). On hotter days, it can hit 205F. But electric fan keeps it from getting higher than that while running.

These temps are not overheating. I’ve recorded temps going up 10F after shutdown. We’re still below 215F. This is still not overheating.

Even 220F is nothing to worry about. If an engine can’t handle that heat, it’s not a good engine.

Unless you’re seeing temps way above the N, there’s really nothing to worry about imo.

I’ll add, i like to see my V12 finally get above 200F. It’s quite mild here in the NW, we rarely get above 80F. As long as its not overheating, its very good to get an engine up hotter, helps burn off moisture, carbon, etc.

Only real issue is the ethanol gas. You may have a difficult start or idle afterwards.