New replacement thermal bulb for AAV available

Managed to source new replacement thermal bulb for Auxiliary Air Valve. They are exactly the same as originals. There where 5 available so bought them all :slight_smile: Few pictures (old on left, new on the right):

Have tested new and old bulbs. Pins are the same height when cold but when warmed up, new extends longer:

Also new bulb is much more responsive to temperature changes then old one.
Will have to work out the scheme how to put everything back together :slight_smile:

Where on Earth did you find them???

Seek, and you shall find :smiley:
Actually I found them by accident in one of the small local shops selling new old stock parts for order vehicles. They had 5pcs but didn’t know what these are for… Didn’t hesitate before I bought all of them :slight_smile:

Is there any identifying markings either on the part or packaging? I wish I had luck like that!

Bulbs where in a plastic bag and judging on the sticker it is “Bosch” part, but the sticker is dammaged and part of the part number is missing. I’m investigating what they where used for and if they are still available. Will post my findings here.

I, along with many Jag-Lovers, appreciate your efforts!

Found it! I think this one should go into Kirby Palm’s book :)))
Bosch part number: 1 287 230 002
This thermostat bulb was used in Bosch
mechanical fuel injection (MFI) units. And it is still available from although a bit pricey :slight_smile: same thermostat bulbs where used in AAV for Mercedes-Benz engines of same era.

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I found the page showing the part. How did you find the price?



Yucky price!

Yes, they all seem to be in the $87 to $107 range on ebay.

Looking at the MB part number gave better results:

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Great find. The MB p/n cross-references with W0133-1630030. They can be had for less than $20

Briliant !!
A historic find…

Rebuild work in progress…

John, as usual, that looks very nice.

Yes, I see some John_John action there !!

Thanks guys :wink: I’m almost finished with mounting ring for new wax bulb. Will need a C-clip and O-ring for final assembly, but that will have to wait for next week as I have to do some shopping :slight_smile:

Thank you for the worthful information.
I hat problems finding one, so I had to buy the whole AAV.
But now I know :slight_smile:

How did you get the AAV apart?

You just press from the top on the outlet till the part with wax bulb falls out, then you take out piston and spring and press the remaining part the other way.