New Seal sunroof

Boys… i’m searching a new seal for sunroof of my xj40 '87…it’s impossible!!!

There’s one on ebay. com. au. Australia.

Please give me a direct link…:grin:

Ok …with this code BCC2421 i found many in UK…but why in Jaguar Classic Part has It a different code?? Is it for XJ40? :thinking:

The ad says it is for a series III -

Looks different to the XJ40 -

For this I ddn’t find it…it’s not for XJ40. And now? :ridendo: :ridendo:

I can’t find any availability of that seal (seat?) BDC5374.

I guess that in extremis you could use a thick sealant to glue the sunroof permanently closed. :frowning:

Perhaps another forum member can suggest something less drastic -perhaps retrieving one from a wrecked car?

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Hi Max, you could try SealExco they are seal makers and have lots of seal profiles in stock, if you have a look on their site you might find something suitable.
Good luck.

Another possible source is Steele Rubber Products:

No affiliation, not even a customer, just seen their ads on the Saturday morning car shows on TV.

guys … I have to solve, my coachbuilder has dismantled the roof and tried to register it above … below … back and forth … nothing! for 1 mm the water enters the back. the seal has shrunk by age! how do I get it done? I should take it apart and send it … possible there is no adaptable gasket crap? i read on that i have the same roof as the land rover … so?

The furflex seal does NOT seal out water, mostly air. It should slow the water ingress so the drain channels can divert to drain tubes and onto the ground.

The seal it not waterproof but a gap might let too much to be drained away?

Here are some TSBs for the X300 sedan that might hepl with the earlier cars?

13-05 Sliding Roof Seal Crimping Tool.pdf (28.9 KB)
13-11 Water Ingress – Sliding Roof.pdf (137.0 KB)

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young people … I am struggling with the infiltration of the roof! they are not the drains clogged … simply the gasket in a couple of points does not do its job and I think that some white plastic clips on the rear are broken due to a previous disassembly of the roof. I bought the clips and I’m thinking of removing the canopy and turning the gasket upside down. what are you saying? my seal for my87 does not exist in the world!