New set of shop tools. Have a look

I found these stands on eBay. They’ve supposedly only been used one time.

Now that I figured out how to get the wheels to stay straight ahead it’ll be smooth sailing!!! Doc says Ron will be out of the hospital and back to work real soon.


With chocked rear wheels–not really needed on a flat surface–id soooo use those!

One might need to drain the sump of ANY pre-real seal rear main Jag, however…!

Chicago? 2122 N Clark?

You’re a braver man than I am Gunga Din! (apologies to Mr Kipling) That ‘Dished’ section under the wheel is not really that deep. Put too much forward pressure doing up a stubborn bolt and the whole thing could roll off…

Oh, I’m not that stupid (though I play a stupid person on TV…): I’d leave the car attached to the chain hoist.



…yea. Safety first.

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…don’t do that.

They teach you yobbos, anything, down under?


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Did you know that Down Under nuts and bolts tend to tighten up, rather than loosen due to the coriolis effect?


Apparently in the days before the invention of the hydraulic lift, it was not that unusual to hoist a car up by a chain fall.

Looking at the trolley on the right it looks as if the pistons have been removed , much easier working position than on a hoist or in a pit with oil dripping all over you.


If you’ll look at the left running board you’ll see an antennae for a radio running lengthwise. My Model A had one when I bought it.

Here’s an NOS shot of one. I assume they worked.