New speedo faceplate

In case someone else has also a need to convert speedo from miles to kilometres or just to calibrate it to exactly to your car, see what I did with mine by using PhotoShop editing.
(notice that mine is calibrated for my car and not for general usage kph=1.6 x mph)
Köpi & 1961 Mk2 3.8
Oulu, Finland


I just had a great reading of Your resto-log !
I’m very emotional, as I’m about at the very beginning of the same path as Yours.
Too bad the pictures don’t resize - lots of valuable details are hiding in those pixels :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thanks Piotr!
You can (at least with my browser Chrome) right click on photos and then select Open photo in new tab. And in new tab you can CTRL +/- to zoom into photo. That does not increase pixels but helps your eyes!