New switch panel

After installing a new switch panel in my S2 yesterday, today I set about testing each switch to ensure it was re-wired properly. There is only one switch that is confusing me and it is the panel light switch. IT should be noted that I recently swapped out all the incandescent bulbs with LED’s from one of the usuals in CA.

The first thing of note is that the bayonets on the back of the old switch were narrower than the new switch, and as a result the female wiring connectors do not fit properly. Before I cut them off and re-crimped new ones, I used jumper cables to ensure the switch was working.

The reason for my confusion is that the bayonets on the back of the old and new switch are laid out very differently. Here is a picture of both side by side

While I made my own wiring diagram and have copies of others who responded to my thread about making a wiring diagram, I have been unable to find the right combination of wiring to light up the instruments. Any assistance will be appreciated.

There are four wires to be connected - Red, Red/Brown, Red/White, and Red/Blue

Lots of hits in the archives. Maybe this one has your answer Bob?


Thanks Rob. Those are very close to the same pictures I have along with multiple wiring diagrams. As you can see in my pic above, the old switch has four prongs, one in each corner, but the new switch has found prongs but in a different configuration and its unclear from the diagram how to attach them. I have tried multiple configurations, but no joy!

Ah - ok. I get your challenge now. I haven’t been through that yet!! :slight_smile:

Try the link to the thread I linked, not just the link to the picture. I haven’t read the whole thread yet, but the picture at the top of the thread shows a picture like yours. There may be something in there.

Actually, that’s what I’m doing now. I originally went to the picture, but then went and read the thread. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

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Here’s what I posted that I discovered when I was trying to hook up my panel lights. Would that be the same switch as you are wrestling with?

Oct '20

I spent time today hooking up this Lucas 152SA switch for my panel lights and want to report that it is different than what is outlined in the other post. Specifically: when the switch is in the off position terminals 3 and 4 are connected. When it is in the “dim” position terminals 3,4 and 5 are connected. When it is in “bright” position terminals 1, 3 and 4 are connected. So the correct connection for the panel lights to this switch is Red/White to terminal 1; Red to terminal 3; Red/Blue to terminal 4 and Red/Brown to terminal 5.


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That’s it Chet, thanks! I found that and traced it onto my wiring diagram, but I seem I have a different issue, I am not getting any power to the switch from the wire from the fuse (Red), I’ve pulled the fuses and checked them, but I can’t see to get power to the switch.

You may have done all of this already but:
If I am reading the wiring diagram correctly (always an issue!) red is the common power for not just the panel lights but also the tail lights, license plate lights, etc.
So my first question is if you are getting power to those or not? All of these red’s are dependent on the ignition being on for power.
Second, how are you checking for power on the red wire at the light switch? It’s possible that you have a break in the wire between that switch and the fuse (#5). I would check continuity between the red wire on the the fuse and the red wire on the switch.
Lastly, you can “steal” power from another switch to hook up to your panel lights switch and see if everything works. At least that way you’d know the extent of the issue - and hopefully it’s just getting power that’s the issue. If that’s it I suppose you could run a new wire from Fuse #5 to the switch and gain power that way…
I’ll keep thinking :thinking:

Chet, sadly I don’t seem to have any power to the #5 and #6 fuses. Nothing connected to those two fuses is working, yet the fuses are good. I’m puzzled.

Do you have power at Fuse 7?

Yes. Everything on Fuse #7 seems to work (hazards, fuel pump, etc.)

From looking at the wiring diagram, I think you have to turn on the center double lighting panel switches to get power to Fuse 5.

Fuse 6 and 7 should be wired together, so I can’t explain why you have power on one and not the other.

Yes, having power on 7 and not 6 is weird…Rob is exactly correct that Fuse 5 draws power from the double lighting panel switch. And it looks like that switch draws its power from Fuse 3. So…do your double lighting panel switches have power and turn on your headlights? I think those should have power independent of the ignition switch…

Also Bob, do you have no power on both sides of fuse 6? (i.e. does the unfused side have power?)

Headlights work with or without the ignition on, the “side lights” do not. I’ll go back out and re-check fuse 6.

Also…is the red/black wire plugged into the correct terminal on the double lighting switch? That’s the wire supplying power to Fuse 5. If it is then check for power on the unfused side of Fuse 5 with the double lighting switch turned on.

I agree with what Chet says here. Side lights should be Fuse 5 so I think you need to check that one out.

The double switches share a white wire. The blue wire is attached to head light switch and the red black is attached to the side light switch. When both switches are on, fuse 5 has power but neither the side lights or tail lights are on.

I would stick with just the panel light switch for now. The red wire for the tail or side lights splits off from the fused side of Fuse 5 along with the red wire that goes to the panel light switch. There a lot of reasons why the tail or side lights are not on from a break in the wire to a failure of a ground.
If fuse 5 now has power the issue is why doesn’t the panel light have power? Have you checked for power on the red/white wire that plugs into the panel light switch?