New tires for SII

Hi all,

maybe, if anyone is interested, I’ve got just one data point to share as regards tires.

When I got my car in 2007 it was shod in Pirelli P 4000 with a decent tread, but very aged. Driving was so so and horrible on wet roads.

In May 2011 I bought a cheap winter tire, Nankang N-607 winter tire, original size 205/70-15, 96H (up to 210 kph). They would beat the ancient Pirellis hands down. Despite being full winter tires they were quiet, comfortable and reliable on wet surfaces. Eventually, they took the car and the passengers over snow covered passes to skiing resorts.

After eight and a half years and 25000 kms their tread was still o.k., but on the edge for serious winter use. So I decided to go for new tires and found another El Cheapo (<50 EUR per tire): Rotalla Setula W Race S130, again original size, 96T (only rated for speeds up to 190 kph).

Rotallas are Chinese as well, certainly not leading edge technology, but at least this is not a pure transporter tire as most tires of this dimension on the market.

After like 50 mls I can report nothing but positive. With freshly balanced wheels the car feels planted, sure-footed and is a joy to drive, one full dimension better than two weeks ago when David and I had a little test drive. NAYY.

Good luck


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)


Thank’you , Jochen ant information about tires can help all owners.

Where do you live dear?


I’m located in Southern Germany, just short from the Alpine range and below Black Forest by Lake Constance.

Where in Italy are you located?



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Parma ,

I would be afraid drive j6 in winter time…



it is certainly not a Panda 4x4, but on winter tires it is a quite competent car. Probably even strong in fact if you have a Powerlock diff fitted.

Water and snow won’t hurt as long as the car has a dry garage to dry off afterwards. I avoid driving on salted roads though.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Cool pic, Jochen! :slight_smile:

I am no stranger to driving in snow, but unfortunately my (ex-Milanesi) XJ6C does NOT have the Powerlock diff. Having driven several E-types in the snow and over the mountains I can say it was no trouble and lots of fun! :smiley: When I rebuilt the rear axle I was tempted to try and find a power lok diff, but decided to keep it original.

The XJ8 only had ASC (electronic) and the MKV obviously has no power-steering, no power-brakes etc, but it has nice handling and skinny tires are very good in snow.

Take a look at what kind of tires were used for instance by the Lancia Rally team in the Rally of Sweden in the 1980’s and 1990’s. (Delta Integrales, S4 and the 037).



Cool pictures as well, Pekka! Especially the last one - signature line “Finally arrived or — at the end of the way”:slight_smile:

My sense of originality would probably resign if put before a good working 3.07 PL diff …

Yes, I do remember the days before 4WD with the FWD Saab 96, Lancia Fulvia, Stratos, Mini Coopers, mid-engine Lancia Rallye and RWD Fiat 131, Opel Ascona and Porsches. Timo Mäkinen was known as the “Flying Finnish man”.



75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Roaaar ! great jag in snow!!!

Dears , i would tell that speaked about myself only , Fred isn’t able use a rear car traction during winter time…this regarding myself only!

Never wrote about you… i can’t , i’m nothing…

Congratulation to you!. Ok?

Bad english here,

Hi / Ciao,

No worries, but with right tires RWD, FWD or AWD all work.

I remember an interesting photo from the late 70’s with a Countach in a blizzard (lots of snow).

BTW that photo with the white E-type is from Italy, in May 2013.

But I agree with Jochen that it would be nice to have the Power lock diff in the XJ6C.

Back on topic I now have brand new Aquajets, 205 ER70 on the XJ6C. I like them. I can report back once I have more miles (or km) on them.