New to forum, question about driving E-type onto 4 post lift

Hey to all, I have a question I hope you can answer for me. I’m waiting to take delivery on my first Series 1 E-type. It’s a 1963 roadster. I have a Bendpak 4 post lift installed in my garage and wondered if anyone had an issues loading their car onto the ramps without scrapping the lower nose section? I know Bendpak sells a more gradual four foot extended ramp, but I wondered if I really need it?

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i have a bendpak w standard ramps. no problem.
definitely get aluminum vs steel ramps.

Mine’s not a BendPack but similar… no problem with the standard ramps (not even close).

The tricky bit for me was that I was used to driving Triumphs on to the lift - with those you can stick your head out and see the left front tire so you know how you’re lining up.

That view is not available with the overhang of those beautiful E-Type wings.

Instead I have a big handheld mirror I hold out with my left arm to see the tire (and the color-coded marks I have on the lift).

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On my two post lift I placed a parking laser beam up above. Placed dead center and when the beam is on the shifter I am in the right place. It was a closeout at Sams club years ago for $9.

I was going to suggest a tennis ball on a string lining up with the mirror mount on the windscreen, but I like your high tech solution more.

I also have a bend pac and there is no problem with the standard ramps that came with it. You do have to be careful driving on as even with the rails at the narrow setting there is not a lot of room for error. I find it best to have someone guide me on or if alone I stop and check every few feet to make sure I am not drifting too close to the edge.

Too depressing driving into the garage and seeing that… :frowning:


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I have a 4-post lift (not a Bend-Pak, and not a jag- yet!) I position an old bathroom-sized mirror in front of the lift so I can see the whole front end of the car (Corvette) as it approaches the ramps, and as it continues on the platforms. This also works well when I back the car onto the lift. The mirror is easy to slide behind something out of the way when not in use.

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If you get the 9000 lb one - be careful. Car is so narrow the wheels have to be near perfect to catch the lift. Mine never fell off but be mindful