New to Jag (for father in-law) looking to chat and bounce some ideas about

Hello all,

New member here, first post. New to Jaguar but not forums and tinkering with cars.
We got a 2007 S type 3.0 V6 for the father inlaw, he has loved them for years and we finally got a pretty clean one for him.
I intend to do oil and filter, coil packs, spark plugs, cabin filter, fuel filter, clean throttle body and air flow sensor to start.
It has no codes or CEL/MIL but has a couple of small issues.
Electric park brake does not come on, and passenger airbag light indicates it is not properly working.
Can anyone shed some light on those two things and/or suggest any other potential things to check/do on this car? Would be greatly appreciated.
Its a very clean example and drives well, with approx 217km on it, has been undet coated every year and interior is surprisingly not showing wear and tear.
Doing lots of googling trying to teach myself more about this car and looking for some guidance and help from those here in the know. Owned saabs for 8 years and now have an audi s4, love my cars and looking forward to learnimg znd contributing here. Thanls in advance all, cheers!

That is worrisome: more often than not, aftermarket undercoating is not only unneeded, but often causes more problems than it solves.

Inspect for sagging pockets carefully.


Could be, but to my nose this smells ”Nordic” so the ”undercoating” is probably a good thing, as our salted roads do terrible things to steel floors unless there’s some protection. But of course if the undercoating has been applied on top of rust it’s another (sad) story.

On the S-type (from what I have heard) the sills should be opened and cleaned every couple of years, as the plastic can hide / cover the real steel sills rotting away.


I have NEVER seen aftermarket undercoating, put over factory or less-than-pristine metal NOT fail, and NOT cause pockets, that trap moisture.

I understand the need to protect metal chassis from corrosion, but in my experience, Ive never seen aftermarket undercoating done properly.

I will stand by the caution, to carefully, inch by inch, examine any aftermarket coatings.

While the following suggestion may not be the cure for your odd status light issues - for these 2000’s Jags, first make sure the battery is 100% healthy. This means having it tested, and if OK, giving it a full charge by driving it a lot or using a charger.

Sub-par batteries are known to cause random failures or error messages on these cars (even if it has enough of juice to start reliably.) Common on cars that see low usage.

If that all checks out, one trick is to disconnect the battery completely (both positive and negative terminals) and either leave them disconnected for a hour or more, or touch the two disconnected battery cables together for a second or two. Then hook them back up. This might get rid of some random glitches.

If the passenger airbag light still won’t go off, it could be the weight sensor that detects if someone is sitting in the passenger seat.

If the parking brake works (can toggle it on of or off) but there’s no light - perhaps the lamp for the warning light is burned out? (I need to check it it is a separate bulb and not a fancy LED, though that seems unlikely for a car of this vintage.)