New to Jag-lovers forum

Good morning,
I am the proud owner of 2 Jaguar Saloon , 1957 Mark 1 , 1960 Mark 2.
Both cars were garage finds, and of course running when they were parked.
Of course after 16 years on the Mark 1 and 18 years on the Mark 2 there was a little work to be done. ALOT OF WORK AND $$$.
Mark 1 is a left hand drive, 3.4 automatic, purchase by a Texas couple so only 2 previous owners. Mark 2 is a right hand drive, 2.4 4 speed. Purchased by a lady in South Aftrica. Found its way to Tucson Arizona, purchased from 3rd owner.
Mark 1 is black
Mark 2 was painted white, but was mint green from factory . Wish it was still mint gree.
Both vehicles have had to have many hours of work to get running again. Still working on them both as we speak. As soon as i learn how to upload photo I will .
Thanks for having me .


Welcome ! I also own a Mark 1, which is also a project car at the moment, but it runs ! Lots of good help here. thanks for joining the group !

Welcome to the forum Tom.
You can add photos by clicking the arrow up icon (Upload) when you write a message.
Story of my Mk2 restoration here: