New to Jag Lovers, just bought a 70 XKE coupe from original owner on BAT

Congrats on the car. It’s the twin of my 1970 Willow green coupe with factory air except yours is in better condition. BTW, I live in Philly and I can’t remember the last time I saw an e type on the road.

Hello Dave, they are rare for sure, Congrats on your car too! Can you send me a pic? How long have you had yours? Cannot wait to see it in person. Be well in Philly.

I saw one on the Big Island once, but like you have never seen one on Maui. We were there in June and my wife was commenting she wished we had ours there for the visit.

If yours doesn’t have power steering, I think if you did the Paia to Hana drive a few times a week, you’d have forearms like Popeye in a month.


Twenty years ago I bought a TR4 from a fellow on Maui who was selling it because he had purchased an E-Type. As I recall it was a red OTS.

I still have the TR, perhaps he still has the E.

Let me know next time you come to the island and we can get together and talk Jags.

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Wish I would see that, not yet. Funny story though because I have an Alfa that I am trying to sell to make room for the XKE. My Alfa is red, 13K original miles, Romeo, Spider, Veloce.

I’m curious about shipping. On another thread it was posited that getting a car to or from the Islands was an expensive undertaking.

It’s been 20 years since I got my TR from Maui but back then it was only $800 to Long Beach in a container…much cheaper than overland shipping.

The cost to move a container from one port to another increased drastically becasue of Covid. This article, though not discussing the cost to ship from Hawaii to the West Coast, does illustrate how those prices have increased.

China-U.S. container shipping rates sail past $20,000 to a record (

Since the date of that article prices have eased quite a bit but are still higher than pre-covid levels.

I found this site and generated a quote to move my E-type from Hawaii to the mainland.

I suspect this is for a car that’s driven to the pier and maybe even driven on to and off of the ship.

Here’s a recent photo. Paint and interior, black, except for the dash pad are original.

I’ve put about 500 miles on it since I got it back on the road last fall. I’m the third owner. The second owner bought it used in '72 and parked it with 35,000 miles on the odometer in 1985.

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Thank you for the pic, it is beautiful. I have been thinking about changing out my wire rims because I think they might be really hard to clean for the ones you have. Any thoughts on that?

Shipping to and from Maui is now 2100 each way. Price up from 1500 a few years ago.

Shipping to and from Maui now at 2100 each way. Went up from 1500 a few years ago.

I’ve had plenty of cars with wire wheels. They’re just too much work to keep clean. The wheels that came with my car weren’t in very good shape and tires were ancient. As long as I was buying new wheels, I figured I might just as well get the D type replicas. I bought them from Realm engineering in the UK.

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A little over $1000? Seems reasonable to me… what about insurance?

Maybe the red OTS featured in that 1984 Magnum PI episode “Blind Justice”?

I put together a Youtube video several years back featuring cuts from that episode in which the E-type appears. It’s garnered over 75,000 views but NBC Universal Studios took exception and got it blocked in Canada and the United States. (Sometimes a VPN is useful, though :sunglasses:)


2100 shipping to and from Maui

What a small world. Was his name Pat Patterson? I have been chatting with him now that I have a XKE. That for sharing the video