New to jaguar xk8 full resto dashboard removal question

Hey everyone
I picked up my dads 01 xk8 a little over a month ago. Was sitting abandoned in his garage (windows busted) with the top down for over a year since he passed. She ran with a jump.
Now im stipping interior to make it something worth driving (so much mold, rodent feces, acorns, ect). This is not my first jump at a resto but definitely the most modern and complicated.

Seats are out dash is apart carpets and kick are out. 3 bolts on top dash are out but i cand get dash to move. It seems as there are rivets holding the bottem down but ive never seen this style, so before i drill them out, im hopeing for some insight.

FYI interior is going to be thoroughly cleaned then dyed (including seats, dash steering wheel and carpets). All wood trim stained and polyed something unique and special.

Sorry i cant really help, but welcome to the forum! Definitely a labor of love

I’ve found in the past that getting an exploded diagram of the object is helpful. You might try scrolling through some of the Jag parts web sites.

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