New to me 2005 XJR a couple of questions

The one I bought has the air suspension replaced with coil-overs, is there any reason not to remove the air compressor from the trunk? Could it be repurposed? I have an oil leak from the front in the oil filter area, I’ve read that the oil filter adapter O ring is suspect, ordered one, am I on the right track there?
Other than that I’m delighted with it. Always wanted one, now lets see if having is better than wanting.

I think you posted the wrong year car…

Perhaps I wasn’t thorough enough, but it appeared the X350 was included in the X300 forum

The compressor is in the front bumper area. (left side)
The tank and distribution valves are in the boot.
I wonder if anyone has converted one to use the system to have an emergency air source for filling tires?

The oil cooler/heat-exchanger can leak from the 'O’ring seal.
I don’t think the coolant needs to be drained, just pull the long tube and replace the seal but it has been a while since I’ve done one.

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On the oil leak, it seems to drip as much sitting as it does driving, The cooler line should be easier to access with the oil filter adapter off, so I’ll put new o-rings there as well. Kind of what I was thinking on the onboard air supply. Only problem I see; the hose and such would add a lot more stuff to carry around.

Finished the oil seals yesterday, something went right, it has stopped ruining my carport. I replaced the figure 8 o-ring behind the oil filter adapter & wanted to replace the ones on the cooling lines, but got the wrong ones, so I treated the old ones with o-ring conditioner / sealer. I did tighten everything in sight & put a smear of silicone along the bottom part of the timing cover, after thoroughly cleaning with brake cleaner. Looks better than that sounds. At any rate I sat under it while running for at least 5 minutes, and not a drop. Checked again this morning & no puddle.